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Nir article

Why A Spy-Hunting Physicist Left Academia To Study User Behavior

After joining Upsight in late September, Nir Amram quietly became one of the most interesting people in the office...

10 28 jessica article

Jessica Olhausen - Astronaut Psych Researcher and HR Coordinator

There’s an art to building great teams. It’s something Jessica Olhausen is passionate about.


David Vaghari Is Upsight's Newest Customer Success Manager

Upsight is welcoming another enterprise tech professional to our team of dedicated customer success managers.


3 Reasons to Remove Your Advertising Blacklist

As research mounts to suggest that app downloads are in universal decline, publishers are doing everything in their power to hold on to whatever market share they can. For many, this means preventing ads for perceived competitors from running in their apps. This practice, known as "blacklisting", is intended to prevent otherwise engaged users from encountering an ad for a similar product and leaving, never to be seen (or monetized) again.


4 Creative Ways To Engage Users With In-App Video

Few things let digital publishers address their users more effectively than a well-made video.